Debugging 'Design Time Behaviour' of an activeform control

2007-03-22 06:14:46 PM
Hello, does anyone know how to go about debugging an active form
control such that you can break on code called at design time by the
containing application?
I thought i had found a lead in the C++Builder 6 manual (chapter 45,
page 18) that has a nice section called 'Testing installed components'
which talked about setting the 'debug source path' on the
'Directories / Conditional' page of project options.
C++Builder 2006 appears to have a different layout & menu system and i
have not been able to find the equivalent settings.
Ideally i want to be able to set breakpoints in my active form code
(including its custom property page code) and hit those breakpoints
when the properties are edited at design time in a host application.
Anyone managed this in C++Builder 2006?