QReport using

2006-01-17 08:50:31 PM
Hello NG,
I'm writing a simple application to print a report containing randomly
generated numbers.
I'm trying to use QReport since I always used this with database oriented
Now I'm stuck in a stupid problem... The numbers are grouped in sets of 15
numbers each.
Each set of numbers should be printed in a 3 x 5 table, I would like to have
4 tables x page.
I built a detail report that works fine printing a single table in a page
but I have no idea on how
reply this table and then to properly fill each table 'copy' with proper
Anyone can help me?
Michele Santucci
Celin Avio S.r.l.
Software Dev. Manager
tel. +390187564080
Via Fontevivo 21/M
19126 La Spezia