quoted-printable is dropping the dot character

2005-10-30 01:18:58 AM
Im using Indy 9.0.1 and generating multipart e-mail messages (html +
plain text) with no attachments.
Everything is fine. The e-mail is sent and read with any e-mail client
software and the content is being correctly selected between plain-text
or html accordingly the client side is configured to read unformated or
formated text.
BUT, in the HTML part, the DOT character is ALLWAYS excluded in the
"quoted-printable" encoding IF THE DOT CHARACTER IS THE LAST CHARACTER
In other words, each encoded line that should present the dot character
as its last character... the dot character disappears from the message.
This is generating broken URLs and URIs and the html message does not
show images when it happens that some dot in its URI coincidently is
the last character of a "quoted-printable" encoded line.
Why is it happening? Is it an Indy bug or what?