Launching C++

2003-09-17 04:14:04 AM
Hi -
Is there a way to launch C++ Builder so that it opens a given file
and puts the input caret at a given line and/or column? I was looking
for one of two methods:
1) Command line parameter (eg: bcb.exe c:\blah.cpp -line 12 -col 1)
2) OLE Automation, such as within a Visual Basic application. Visual
Studio supports this by creating a MSDEV object that supports methods
to open a file and also to advance to line & column number. For
Set appObject = CreateObject("MSDEV.Application")
appObject.Documents.Open fileName
appObject.ActiveDocument.Selection.MoveTo lineNumber,
I read the help file for BCB command line parameters and it seems like
option 1 is a dead end. Does anyone know about option 2? Of course,
I'm not limited to Visual Basic -- if there's a way to do this in C++
I'd be interested, too.
TIA for any help!
- Chris
c h r i s@yeabi*ch(dot)com