ILINK32 - PING David Dean

2007-11-14 10:25:03 PM
I used to complain much because of the infamous "[Linker Fatal Error] Fatal:
Access violation. Link terminated." error occurring in the BDS2006 and
CRS2007 IDEs.
This error occurs when I am trying to make a "static" link of my project
(i.e. single big exe which uses no bpl's). "Dynamic" link (smaller exe, uses
packages) works but the necessity to distribute bpls with my program is a
nuisance for me and for my clients.
Now I followed a suggestion made by "dhoke" earlier in this group and put
together a "linkset" : saved the ilink32 command line from the CRS2007 IDE,
modified various paths in it and gathered all binary files involved in the
link (obj's, dfm's, lib's, res's etc.) to a simple directory structure. Made
one batch file for the "dynamic" link and one for the "static" link. Tested
both in a {*word*269} (i.e. CodeGear-free) XP VM too.
However, the results are not quite the same as they were in the IDE.
"Dynamic" link is successful and produces an EXE which runs. "Static" link
is successful too (unlike in the IDE) but the resulting program is invalid
and does not run, just reports some stupid error and quits. When run in a
VM, it reports nothing and just quits.
So, David, I am not sure what this example proves or disproves but I am able
to send you the linkset (single 47 MB zip) if you pass me a message
indicating how/where to send and containing some non-disclosure statement.
Or do you have another suggestion ?