try to find where to ask questions

2008-02-12 04:13:41 PM
I have some problems with my versions of C++ Builder 2007
(It happen also in Pro & Entr. versions)
1. Open Project - get long - long - long time - with a terrible "parsing
How i can configurate env.
Before I used C++ Builder 6...
2. Multiple file removing from project - BDS.exe is not responding.....
Single file removing is work but how much time i can wait for single
It's terrible. I need every 5 min end BDS.exe proccess from Task
I think in Pro version i have last upgrade -
C++ Builder 2007 R2 version 11.0.2804.9245
3. In addition when i try using Search from Main Menu it also stacked.
But for this i found solution - when i add icons "search",... from
Customize Commands
its works OK from those icons...
Please help me to configure somthing if it posssible....?
Thanks a lot,
Luba R.