using library files

2007-07-07 07:00:48 PM
I have an application that supplied an API with a .dll and a .lib file. The
linker complained that the .lib file was not in OMF format so I used the
impdef and implib tools in the Borland tools directory to produce a .def and
a .lib file and tried to use these files to make an exe and got warnings
about the first six lines in the newly created .def file. I then tried to
link into the .dll file supplied and installed in the Windows/System32
directory by adding in the path to the .dll file into the compiler/linker
property pages and got more linker errors. I would think that I could link
into either a .dll file OR a .lib and .def file to produce an exe file. I
certainly did not believe that I would need both the dll and lib file as I
have been told by the support people who produce the package that I am
trying to link to! Can someone clarify this issue?