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Application Icon not correctly displayed in Vista

2008-04-21 11:42:20 PM
For some reason the app I have created using BCB5 doesn't show its icon
correctly in Vista.
Both the apps Icon and its shortcut seem to show a generic kind of icon in
Vista even though it correctly shows it in XP.
Any thoughts ??
Thanks in advance

Re:Application Icon not correctly displayed in Vista

How have you assigned the icon to your application?
How did you create the icon?
I've always had issues with icons and BCB when you add them via the Project
Options. Now I always remove the default .res file from the project and
create a new one using some thing like ResourceBuilder from SiComponents. I
think (and I might be totally wrong here) that Vista has a issue when
locating the default icon because BCB names it as "MAINICON" as opposed to
using the default numeric ID I.e. 101.
Also, vista seems to complain if your icons are not correctly constructed.
To test this, use something like ResourceHacker and pull on of the system
icons out of shell32.dll. Remove the default resource file from your
project and add in a new one, if possible created with ResourceBuilder. Add
the extracted icon to the resource using an ID instead of a string name and
make the Id 101. Compile and try...
Mike C