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Possible bug with "Code complete"?

2004-09-15 11:36:08 PM
The code for my project compiles and runs without error.
The project comprises of several units, und in at least two of
the units a curious error with the "Code Complete" crops up:
Near the begining of a cpp file, "Code Complete" seems to work fine, but
nearer the end of the file, Code Complete does not show the listbox
with possible variables.
The one unit i question is approx. 19000 lines of code and at
line 3349 the Code Complete ceases to show the listbox with possible
even though I try to envoke Code Complete with CTRL + Spacebar.
The Builder reponds to my command ( CTRL + Spacebar) so far in
that the timerglass shows up for about 1 second and then nothing else.
If, however, I move the function in question to the beginning of the file
"Code Complete" works fine. But it is so tedious to keep moving the code
back and forth.
Can anyone please help me remedy this problem?
Yours sincerely
Mike Becker
if ( xyIsClosestOf2PoyntsToRefPoyntInEdgeDirection( A , AnyTracePoynt
, TraceAnchorPoynt ) ){
TraceAgainstEdgeDirection = true;
return true;
} else {
TraceInEdgeDirection = true;
return true;

Re:Possible bug with "Code complete"?


Can anyone please help me remedy this problem?
Yeah, when a "feature" is this buggy, turn it off, don't use it,
ignore it...
You get the idea.
BTW, you posted your C++ Builder question in a newgroup for the old
Borland C++ compiler. Check out the NGs with cppbuilder in their name.