VC++ ActiveX Controls with BCB4, The Sequel

Hello again, gurus...

After much more searching on the group, I found a message which was
similar to mine, and one suggestion for him was to place the ActiveX
Control into a package.

I managed to do this, and now finally have my icon available in the tool

When I add the control to the form, everything looks great, it displays
properly... BUT, when I just try to run the app, A) I get stopped in the
de{*word*81} instead of just running the form, then if I continue B) I get
an access violation.  If I single-step from the point in the de{*word*81}
where it stops initially, and step through a few instructions, I see
that the violation occurs on a call to KERNEL32::GetModuleHandleA.

Any ideas?

Thanks again,


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