ListView item captions

I have a rather strange problem while using the TListView component in my
program and wondered if anyone has any ideas what the cause is.
Quite simply, the components will work in a new/blank application but not in
a current project that I am working on.
The problem lies with the caption of items in the list view. If, for
example, I place the following code in the create event of the form:

TListItem *Item = ListView1->Items->Add();
  Item->Caption = "Some Text";

It works fine and with no problem, as you might expect. However, when I do
the same in another application that I am currently working on, all I get is
the icon (specified by an image list) and garbage for text ( like
this:????), and I have no idea why. Everything else in the other application
works fine and the only components on the form are a normal listbox and a
few buttons, labels and the usual stuff.

I know the problem is a little strange and a bit vague, but I haven't got a
clue what the cause is.

Cheers for looking.