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Can't open Project Source: Why?

I tend to develop my projects in isolation, and only add them to release
code when I know they are fully robust.  Works well- at least until now.

I have a project that must access a high security database, separate
from my main data sources.  Developed the thing- then incorporated my
mainline code, which basically amounts to a Data Module that contains
all the regular data access, and a rather complex logon form.

Trying to link generates the error:

Unresolved external _DB in FrontEnd.obj

(FrontEnd is the project code).  Now, for the life of me, I can't figure
out why I can't include a DataModule that works well in all my other

More puzzling is that I cannot open FrontEnd.cpp.  When I try to open
it, the source editor disappears for a couple of seconds, and then
reappears on the same code module as before.

I've tried all the regular juju: rebuilding, deleting the .tds and .il*
files- even creating new projects using the same forms.  Still can't see
the project file, so can't see why it doesn't recognize my DataModule.

Any ideas are most welcome.

Michael Lockey


Re:Can't open Project Source: Why?

maybe you are including 'main project source' file twice ( maybe 2 such
files with different names ). That's a source with USE* macros.

Michael Lockey wrote:


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