Trouble importing and using VC++ ActiveX

I am trying to get Crystal Reports 8 Developer Edition to work inside
Borland Builder.  It comes with Active X controls which are meant for
VC++ and VB.  I have imported them into Builder and I can actually place
the components on the form and adjust properties but when I try to
compile I get an error saying that I "cannot convert a TCrystalReport*
to '_di_lUnknown' ".

The line I am getting the error on is simply this:
   CRViewer1->ReportSource = CrystalReport1;
In the documentation they state that you pass this method a type
TCrystalReport.  Obviously the problem is that this Active X component
was meant for VC++ and something got mixed up during the conversion.  Is
there any way to fix this problem in the definition somewhere?

TIA ;)
Scott Thornton
Programmer Analyst
Royal Canadian Mounted Police