Newbie I/O questions - Pls Help!

I've done some C++/dos programming, now I've finally got to bite the
bullet and learn this stuff.  So, I have BCB5.

Two elementary questions:

1.  Where can I find a list of the methods for all the classes?  So
far, the only way I've found is to use the help files (function by

2.  How do I do simple IO?  From my former environment, I'm used to
simply doing
    ifstream f1("filename") . . .
    cout << "output";

So, I have two questions here:

a.  How do I do I/O to/from a file?  After poking around aimlessly, I
finally found TFileStream (is that what I should use?)  

I tried
    new TFileStream f1("c:\\test.txt", fmCreate);
which gave me errors.

And, then, how do I output stuff to f1?  TFileWrite?  If so, how do I
get stuff in Buffer?

b.  I want to output stuff to the screen?  Can I output stuff to a
TForm or do I need to output it in some other object?  If in TForm,
what method do I use?

Thanks in advance,