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BCB3 Complete Crash in Connection with TStringList


I have a project with a lot of forms. If i try to debug in 2 special
forms, the Builder complete crashes whithout any warning - he simply
"disappears". I get the same behaviour, if I try any access to this 2
forms from another form in debug mode.
After two days of desperate search i found the (undoubted) cause. Both
forms have a TStringList component. If i delete this component from the
form, all works fine. If i add a TStringList to another form, the same
strange behaviour appears.

Does anybody know something about problems with the de{*word*81} and
TStringList components?
(My system: PentiumII/350/128 MB, NT4)



Re:BCB3 Complete Crash in Connection with TStringList


BCB3 had a lot of problems and some of the worst were in the de{*word*81} IIRC.
Unfortunately it's over a year since I last used BCB3 and I suspect the same is
true for most people here so you may find that most of us have blanked the
experience from our minds <s>.

Builder is now up to BCB5 and I don't think anyone will disagree if I say it
has to worth upgrading simply to get away from BCB3.

Andrue Cope
[Bicester, UK]

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