Hey Borland do you read the messages?

I failed a couple of time getting an answer to this problem.
I'm stopped in my work and nobody seems to pay attention to this
message, or maybe nobody knows how to solve the problem.
You guys at Borland should know.
Ok here is the problem:

I created a VCL inherited from TCustomControl.
This VCL has a property "Picture" of type TPicture.
The VCL works fine into a C++ Builder form.
Then I generated an ActiveX from this VCL and loaded it into a Visual
Basic form.
The property "Picture" appears in the properties list.
The problem happens when I choose a picture. I get an error message
"Object doesn't support this property or method".
I then tried to use the ActiveX control into a C++Builder form. I get
the same error with the message:
"Member not found".

What's wrong here?