I can't find BDE Merge Modules in Installshield Express Borland Limited Edition 3.03


           I use BCB6 EE to write my project, in my project I use BDE
Database control component like TQuery ?B TTable ?BDBGrid ....etc and my
database is MSAccess2000 , I use ODBC to connect it.
          When I want to package my project's executable file and database,
I use Installshield Express Borland Liminted Edition 3.03.

          In the one of step of installshield, there is call Objects/Merge
Modules , in this step I must choice my project need merge modules, but I
can't find any modules about BDE.

          So I don't know how to package my project ???   because if I copy
my project to another computer without install BCB, my project will happen
BDE engine  error.

                                                    Thank you very much...

                             ps: I am sorry that I don't know this kind of
question where can to post , so I post it to some groups.