ANN: ExtraPack 1.2 - Over 70 Component for COOL GUI

Evgesoft Team Announcing ExtraPack 1.2


 -NEW! Component for creation form with images and with methods to select
 different objects in images.
 -Possibility of use of the schemes in your application.
 -The change of the scheme is made instantly without reboot of the
 application, both in run-time and in design-time.
 -Possibility of addition of the schemes in run-time.
 -Possibility of manufacture and addition of the new schemes in your
 -Use of regions for want of to operation with the forms.
 -Fast components for conversion of a bitmap-mask in region.
 -Automatic drawing of header and boundary.
 -Uses bitmap as a hum noise of the form.
 -By use of regions for the definition of the form of buttons and other
 -The buttons, which are formed in a mode of execution, thereby do not
 increase the size of the DFM-file.
 -Buttons similar Norton Crush Guard.
 -Buttons, which are irreplaceable in mulimedia and games applications.
 -Support of a sound for various events. For example, activation of the
 -Components Image supplemented by various effects.
 -Components realizing morphing from one image in other.
 -Panels with automatic generation of real shadow
 -Components for storage of a sound and pictures in yours to the form.
 -Buttons with: images, transparency, middle-transparency, smoothed colors,
 different forms, shadows, noise effect, focus and without focus, different
 -Panel with: transparency, middle-transparency, wallpapers and different
 -Panel with automatic rejection of the present shadow.
 -Components (button, checkbox, radiobutton, trackbar, switch, gauge,
 splitter) with kind, Which is defined by the bitmap-images and with
 -Labels with: 3D-frame, transparency, middle-transparency, effect of wave,
 shadow, bitmap material for brush.
 -Grids (analogues of StringGrid and DrawGrid) with a transparency,
 wallpapers, full set-up of colors different focus 3D-kinds.
 -Components with animation (running line, running text, image).
 -Components with the smoothed colors (regulator, switch, gauge).
 -Components with indicator-effect (button, gauge, digital panel) with
 -Analogues (combobox, listbox, groupbox) with item-wallpapers, different
 3D-kind of focus, full set-up of colors, opened / closed mode,
 -Status-component: (status-panel with the text and image, progress - panel
 with text and different kinds).

 Many components have the editors of properties and editors of components,
that essentially simplifies development. ExtraPack Library supports Borland
Delphi 2,3,4 and Borland C ++ Builder 1,3,4.


Evgesoft Team