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Com Server won't register.

Deployed, my automation server fails to register on some systems. It appears
that on the "failing system":
1. Registering did work, when the server was compiled under BCB1 using
TAutoObject to implement the DCOM server.
2. Registering failes since compiled with BCB3 using the Automation Object
Wizard and the Type Library Editor.
3. Modules STDVCL40.DLL and STDOLE.TLB were missing. However applying them
does not solve the problem... (These modules are referred to as dependency
in the generated Server_TLB.CPP source code)
4. On "old" WIN95 is installed.
5. No CLSID or any other reference to the server is included in the
What goes wrong here?
Any suggestion is welcome since this problem is causing frustrating
deployment issues.
The deployement package is generated with InstallShield Express.
Thanks in advance,

Wiebe Vos


Re:Com Server won't register.

You put me on the right track anyway Stefan.
I replaced windows\system\oleaut32.dll with a newer version.
That solved the problem.
Thank you for your cooperation.


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