Bug report for TeamB in Builder5

Hi team, I made 2 apps but their behavior is different on my 2 pcs... I
develop them on my laptop, and test on my workstation. On my laptop works
fine but on my workstation not! In example: One app doesn't execute some
code (QUERY SQL)! That's ignore it! But on the laptop workz! and the other
app, when I go to execute another query, gives me an error: "invalid
floatin point operation..." but if I click again on the button works!
Both error on my laptop doesn't exist. I tryed to download Service Pack 1
and new BDE but errors are always there. Any solution?
TIA Jonny

Ops! I was forgetting...the apps use db component and Quick report too.
Problem arrived when I began to use this one. (maybe can help you...)