size of package

2004-09-29 07:07:31 PM
I have created a package that contains some simple functions using zlib. To
link with zlib, i have 2 options: I can create a lib file with the makefile
that is available with the source-code of zlib, and add this lib to the
package, or I can add the source-code to the package directly. then I don't
have to create a libfile.
I have created the package with both options, and when I add the lib to the
package, the size of the bpl is about 65 KB. When I add the source code to
the package, the size of the bpl is almost the double.
Does anyone have an explanation why this is so? I have looked in the make-
file, and the only compiler-options stated are
-a: Default (-a8) data alignment; -a- is byte alignment (-a1)
-d: Merge duplicate strings
-k- :? -k = Turn on standard stack frame (Default) so -k-: Turn off
standard stack frame?
-O2 Generate fastest possible code
I have changed this in the package with the source-code of zlib but nothing