Re: You folks are gonna love this one

2008-07-10 07:49:52 PM
Fraser Ross wrote:
Is it possible to add a report to my tracking list
You should be able to right-click on the inscrutable icon above the
workaround tab in the win client and select a tracking option for the
You can also set up automated tracking options for reports that you
enter, modify, comment on, rate or vote for under Reports |
Where it says 'You are logged in as' nothings follows.
Are you using the web client? If so, it sounds as if you have not
logged in. Unfortunately I can't help you with the web client - I have
never been able to figure out how to use it at all.
I suggest that you switch to one of the thick clients, at least until
the long promised updated web client is actually released as there
have been many issues reported with the existing one and almost no
- Leo