Ann: Solid File System 2.1 - store your application data conveniently

2004-09-22 07:45:16 AM
Ladies and Gentlemen,
EldoS Corporation is glad to announce official release of Solid File System
This release introduces support for file tags. File tag is a block of data,
associated with the file in storage. Each tag has a unique ID. The tags are
not encrypted and can be read without opening the actual file. The tags are
great for keeping metadata which describes the actual file contents. The
tags are similar to metadata streams in MS Office compound documents, but
unlike office docs you don't need to open the file to read it's metadata.
Special note to registered AidAim Single File System users: you can register
Solid File System ( for a special price of $49.
Why migrate? Solid File System is generally faster than SFS and has
numerous features, missing in SFS, such as
- journalling (ensures integrity of your data)
- defragmentation
- possibility to keep data in EXE resources, database fields
- many more ...
To make use of the offer please send an e-mail to XXXX@XXXXX.COM or use
feedback form at
About Solid File System:
Solid File System is an implementation of a file system that uses one stream
on the media for storing the data. It can be used to preserve integrity of
application data, stored in separate files, to store metadata or to keep
revisions of the same information.
Solid File System lets you keep storage file on any media, be it HDD,
CD-ROM, EXE resources, BLOB field in a database or whatever you can
represent as a stream.
Solid File System supports journalling, per-file compression, multiple
streams per file, virtually unlimited storage file size, per-file and
whole-storage encryption, symbolic links.
Currently supported platforms are: Windows 32-bit, Windows CE/PocketPC,
PalmOS, Linux, Unix, .NET.
SolFS 2.1 evaluation includes versions for Windows, .NET, Windows CE, Palm
OS. Linux version is avaialble on request.
Solid File System is an affordable and secure solution to store your
application's data.
Find more information about Solid File System on
Eugene Mayevski
EldoS Corp., CTO
Security and networking solutions