GExperts 1.2 and C++Builder5: Compilation Problem

2004-10-04 04:18:17 AM
all the heros which are involved in the development of GExperts
don't use C++Builder5 anymore. Therefore here my problem. When
I compile the Pacal-Sources, I get the following error messages:
[C++] Compiling: D:\Projects\GExperts\GExpertsBCB5.cpp
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(154): E2275 { expected
Full parser context
GExpertsBCB5.cpp(154): namespace Gx_macroselect
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(154): E2139 Declaration missing ;
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(155): E2275 { expected
Full parser context
GExpertsBCB5.cpp(155): namespace Gx_macrotemplateedit
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(155): E2139 Declaration missing ;
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(156): E2275 { expected
Full parser context
GExpertsBCB5.cpp(156): namespace Gx_macrotemplates
[C++ Error] GExpertsBCB5.cpp(156): E2139 Declaration missing ;
Of course I have looked to get some informations about that
error-message in the www, but the related problem seems to
occur very seldom.
Therefore my question: Does anyone know something about THIS
TYPE of error-message, especially in the context of namespaces??
Thanks and greetings from Germany