ANN: MiniSQLBackup 2.1 Lite released (freeware)

2004-08-03 07:11:33 PM
We are proud to release version 2.1 of our popular backup utility for
Microsoft SQL Server. Among the enhancements in this version are the
- Backups can now be split across multiple files. This feature is similar
to the multiple backup devices option supported by the standard SQL Server
backup process. The syntax used in MiniSQLBackup is similar to that of T-SQL
e.g. BACKUP DATABASE pubs TO DISK = 'e:\backups\pubs_01.msb', DISK =
'f:\backups\pubs_02.msb' ... In most cases, using multiple files will
speed up the backup process significantly.
- New compression option resulting in 15% to 25% improvement in compression
time when compared to version 1.6. CPU usage is also reduced by 12% to 14%,
while the resulting file is only between 4% to 6% larger.
- Drag and drop of files from Windows Explorer is now supported in the
restore wizard.
- The extended stored procedure interface can now accept commands up to 2048
characters in length.
We have also released MiniSQLBackup Lite, available absolutely free. The
Lite version lacks some features of the standard version, and is most
suitable for users who do not need multi-CPU support, multi-device suport
and encryption, and only makes backups on an ad-hoc basis. Visit for a comparison of the different versions.
Pricing for a single named server licence remains at USD 99/- for version
2.1. All customers of version 1.x will receive free upgrades to version
Peter Yeoh
yohz Software