ANN: FastScript 1.9 released

2005-10-31 07:48:37 PM
Dear friends!
FastScript 1.9 released!
Changes in FastScript 1.9
+ full multi-thread support
+ improved performance
+ added packages for Delphi2006
+ added separate Tee package
- fixed c++ bool type
- fixed case sensitivity for c++ (keywords only)
- fixed jscript error (function that returns a string)
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FastScript is cross-platform multi-language scripting engine.
It is useful for the programmers who want to add scripting ability to
their projects. FastScript is written on 100% Object Pascal and can be
installed in Borland Delphi 4-7, 2005, 2006, C++Builder 4-2006 and Kylix 1-3.
One of the features of FastScript is ability to use several languages
(PascalScript, C++Script, JScript and BasicScript), so you can write
scripts using your favourite language.
FastScript doesn't use Microsoft Scripting Host, so it can be used in
Windows and Linux environment. It is possible to add a new language -
language definition is stored in the XML format, so you can perform
it without writing a Delphi code.
- Multi-language architecture allows you to use a number of languages
(at present moment PascalScript, C++Script, BasicScript, JScript). You
can add any procedural language (language grammar is stored in XML format).
- You can use multi-language scripts. For example, one module may be
written in PascalScript, another one - using C++Script.
- Standard language set: variables, constants, procedures, functions
(nested functions allowed) with var/const/defaultparameters, all the
standard operators and statements (including case, try/finally/except,
with), types (int, float, bool, char,string, multi-dimensional array,
enum, variant), classes (with methods, events, properties, indices and
default properties).
- Types compatibility checking.
- Access to any object inside your application. Standard libraries for
the access to the base classes, controls, forms and BD. Easily
expandable library architecture.
- Small footprint - 80-150Kb depending on used modules.
Best regards,
Michael Philippenko mailto: XXXX@XXXXX.COM