TExcellentFormPrinter for BDS2006 Win32

2006-07-18 03:47:33 AM
TExcellentFormPrinter for BDS2006 Win32
What does Joe Hecht's TExcellentFormPrinter do?
TExcellentFormPrinter prints Delphi and BCB forms *reliably*
to most any graphics capable printing device.
TExcellentFormPrinter allows you to print your complete form
(even the portions that are scrolled out of view)! Try doing that with
TExcellentFormPrinter allows you to print your form to any size, even
enlarged to
span across *multiple* pages (up to 2 billion pixels high and wide). The
capability is excellent for creating presentations, engineering drawings,
and even billboards!
TExcellentFormPrinter allows you to print forms that are hidden from
view (by opening the form off the screen).
TExcellentFormPrinter prints 24 bit full color images on systems running
under a
lesser graphics mode (such as 16 color mode)*.
TExcellentFormPrinter correctly handles your forms OnPaint method.
TExcellentFormPrinter is FAST (as reliably possible).
TExcellentFormPrinter has a very small memory footprint.
TExcellentFormPrinter contains an optional AbortDialog that can show status
updates and allows the user to cancel the print job at any time.
TExcellentFormPrinter handles the equalization of print margins, so your
printouts look professionally centered every time.
TExcellentFormPrinter contains hooks that allow you to tap into the
printing system and successfully print almost any problematic 3rd party
VCL control.
TExcellentFormPrinter is *very* easy to use.
Delphi, graphics, and printing specialist available - $35/hr
Joe Hecht Associates
121 Louise Drive
Crestview, FL 32536