ANN: CopyCat replication suite version 2.02.0

2007-11-14 05:42:47 PM
Microtec is pleased to announce the immediate availability of CopyCat
version 2.02.0!
This new release includes the following improvements:
* Implemented a new XMLRPC transport server implementation in Java.
This means that you can replicate over XMLRPC through a Java server
(which can be autonomous or integrated into an application server such
as Tomcat) towards any database type. This makes it easier and safer
than ever to replicate with CopyCat over Internet (no need to open the
Firebird port), while also allowing to use CopyCat in situations with a
server OS other than MS Windows.
* Fixed several memory leaks.
* Fixed a bug in TCcReplicator whereby the transaction was kept
open after replicating with an empty log and with KeepConnection =
true, so that from then on, no new log lines would be detected until
the connection was restarted.
* Implemented support for INT64 fields with IBX. This only applies
to Delphi/BCB versions 6 and above.
Please feel free to download this new release and let us know if you
have any questions or problems!
Download CopyCat:
More information about CopyCat:
Best regards,
Jonathan Neve
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