ANN: New version of X-DBGrid Component 4.12 / X-Files Components 4.12 with support for CodeGear RAD Studio 2007 !

2007-10-03 03:01:06 PM
Dear Developers,
I'm pleased to announce the new version of X-DBGrid Component 4.12 /
X-Files Components 4.12 has been released.
What's new in version 4.12 ?
- Package for Delphi 2007 for .NET is now available!!!
- Package for Delphi 2007 Win32 & C++Builder 2007 with Update 3!!!
Notice. Update 3 for Delphi/C++Builder 2007 is required to install version 4.12.
What's new in version 4.11 ?
- Package for C++Builder 2007 is now available!!!
- Support for MBCS WordWrap and Ellipsis (FarEast)
- Support for BCD numbers for totals calculations
- New demo applications for ADO and IBX
- Code optimization, some bugs fixed
What's new in version 4.1 ?
- Package for Delphi 2007 for Win32 is now available!!!
- Support for Windows Vista themes is just available!!!
- Auto-updated quick sequence number (dgAutoUpdateSequence, dgDelayUpdateSequence)
- Auto-changed sorting order for all standard DataSets (ADO, BDE, CDS, DBX, IBX)
(dgLoadCurrentOrder, dgAutoUpdateOrder, dgAutoAscendOrder)
- RegisterChangeOrder procedure to register other typical DataSets
- RegisterCustomChangeOrder procedure to register other specific DataSets
- XDBGridsADD, XDBGridsADO, XDBGridsCDS additional units to register classes/methods
- Universal methods of changing order: ChangeDataSetOrder, SetupCurrentOrder
- Integrated totals rows (dgTotalHeader, dgTotalValues, dgTotalFields, dgTotalFooter)
- Auto-calculated column totals values (dgAutoUpdateTotals, dgDelayUpdateTotals)
- Auto-calculated column totals values for whole DataSet and/or for SelectedRows
(dgCalcWholeDataSet, dgCalcSelectedRows, dgDelaySelectedRows, dgCalcInvisibleRows)
- Auto-hidden totals rows for SelectedRows (dgSelectedAutoHidden)
- Dynamic totals rows for Totals.DataSource (to show result of SQL's GROUP BY clause)
- Many variants of drawing totals cells (dgTotalColLines, dgTotalDataBoxOnly,
dgTotalHeaderBox, dgTotalValuesBox, dgTotalFieldsBox, dgTotalFooterBox)
- Drawing of totals cells compatible with FixedStyle & FixedTheme (Totals.BoxStyle)
- New classes for totals cells: TXColumnTotal, TXColumnTotalValue, TXDBGridTotals
- Available TotalResult: trCaption, trDataField, trTotalField, trCalcValue
- Functions: cvSum, cvAvg, cvCount, cvMax, cvMin, cvFirst, cvLast, cvUnique, cvCustom
- Possibility to sum up and format results of any data type (Format, FormatAsFloat)
- New notification events: OnSelectedRowsChanged, OnSequenceUpdated, OnOrderUpdated,
OnTotalsUpdated, OnTotalClick, OnTotalCalcQuery, OnTotalCalcValue
- Introduced Captions in XDBNavigator (ShowCaptions, Layout, Margin, Spacing)
- New XDBGridTest demo to check sequence number, sorting order and totals values
- Many others enhancemets and improvements, some bugs fixed
- Updated context help file
What's X-Files Components ?
X-Files Components package contains a set of professional advanced components
designed for Delphi 5, 6, 7, 8, 2005, 2006, 2007 and C++Builder 5, 6, 2006, 2007.
TXDBGrid component is a powerful functional extension of standard TDBGrid
component. TXDBGrid component looks beautiful and implements many additional
features like: fixed columns, fixed styles (flat and 3D), Windows XP themes,
many variants of gradient drawing style, enhanced flat and 3D scrollbars,
proportional scrolling for any DataSet even filtered, expandable columns
and title headers, checkboxes, hot buttons, title and indicator images,
many variants of pictures drawing into cells, title markers and multicolumns
sorting, enhanced lookup lists, pick lists and drop-down lists, calculator,
calendar, storing and loading columns layout (to ini file, registry, stream,
string), enhanced support for bdRightToLeft BiDiMode, extended rows selection
and notification, multiline rows and auto-numbering, hints, tooltips, column
stretching and many many more ...
TXDBGrid 4.1 offers in addition: auto-updated quick sequence number, auto-changed
sorting order for all standard DataSet descendants (ADO, BDE, CDS, DBX, IBX),
auto-calculated totals values for whole DataSet and/or for SelectedRows,
4 kinds of integrated totals footers, many variants of drawing totals cells
according to current FixedStyle & FixedTheme and some others improvements.
TXDBGrid component is fully compatible with standard TDBGrid and can be used
as a replacement without losing existing settings. It's also compatible with
Windows XP and can take advantage of Windows XP styles. TXDBGrid has its own
ColumnEditor, which can fully support all new column's properties.
TXDBNavigator represents a gradient database navigator. TXDBNavigator is a
functional extension of standard TDBNavigator. TXDBNavigator introduces
several new properties to control border of buttons, gradient drawing style
and parent's background.
TXQRGrid is a complementary component for TXDBGrid designed for dynamic report
creation on the basis of TXDBGrid current settings. TXQRGrid component can print
and preview the content of TXDBGrid component. TXQRGrid creates in run-time
complete report in QuickReport format. The report can be automatically stretched or
created as few parts (vertical bands) depend on selected paper size settings.
New Gradient Controls introduce several properties to control border, gradient
drawing style and parent's background on classic Windows and Windows XP.
New Transparent Controls work effective on a gradient background.
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Krzysztof Szyszka, X-Files Software
Developer of X-Files Components
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