Chart Fx two simple questions

2005-03-03 03:59:41 PM
I'm using the C++ Builder 6 Personal and ChartFX 2.0
I'm a college student and I'm making a small program using the ChartFx
ActiveX component. I have two questions:
1. Is it possible to display values on the X axis counting from ZERO instead
of ONE ??
( I have some data in the array, and indexes of the array are counting from
0, what is most important, data in that array in 0 cell are part of problem
and need to be displayed on 0 position )
2. Is it possible to make some kind of logaritmic scale on Y axis ??
( In my array mentioned above, values range very wide, for example: 10, 8,
20, 251333, 33, 11 etc. so when I'm displaying them on chart, small values
are almost invisible...)
Thanks in advance for help!