MI5 Persecution: A new Kafka? 3/10/95 (5055)

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In article < XXXX@XXXXX.COM > XXXX@XXXXX.COM (Mike Corley) writes:

Strangers in the street have recognized me on sight many times, and shown
awareness of the current thread of abuse. To give you one example, in 1992
I was seriously ill, and a manager at work somewhat humouroursly said that
"it wasn't fair" that people were bullying me. A few days later, I
attended for the first time a clinic in London as an outpatient, and on my
way out was accosted by someone who asked if "they had paid my fare", with
emphasis on the word "fare". He repeated the word several times in this
different context; that they should have paid my "fare", each time
emphasising the word.

For two and a half years from the time their harassment started until
November 1992 I refused to see a psychiatrist, because I reasoned that I
was not ill of my own action or fault, but through the stress caused by
harassment, and that a lessening of the illness would have to be
consequent to a removal of its immediate cause, in other words a cessation
of harassment. I also reasoned that since they were taunting me with jokes
about mental illness, if I were to seek treatment then the abusers would
think that they had "won" and been proved "right".
<I've deleted a lot, but I think this gives the idea>
I have so far not contributed to this tread, it has been unpleasant
in my opinion. However, I was struck by the resemblance of the above
passages to the writing of Franz Kafka.
Viz. while from an objective viewpoint it seems to refer to a abnormal
world, in a strange way it does resonate strongly at other levels.
Mr. Corley, have you tried to write for publication? I honestly think
it might lead somewhere positive.
dick Jackson (serious for a change and expecting to get beaten up)