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One EXE for different Win versions (usb/setupapi)?

2006-03-14 12:28:59 AM
I have installed C++ Builder on 3 machines: Win98se, Win2k and WinXP.
I am doing some basic USB HID software and need access to HID.DLL and
SETUPAPI.DLL. In using those DDLs I use IMPLIB to get SETUPAPI.LIB and
HID.LIB (I have done it on all 3 machines using the DLL files native
one those machines. On each machine I can build, link and run the
program and everything works fine.
I cannot use the resulting EXE on any of the other machines
(platforms). Should I not be able to create one EXE that works over
all of the platforms?? I'm getting various errors from invalid memory
access others I can't recall. HidD_SetFeature() is the most
problematic, but I also get problems with SetupDiGetClassDevs() and
HidD_GetHidGuid() as I move from one platform to another. Is there a
way to may one EXE that works at least on Win2k and XP? I don't see
why the is EXE is not portable across 2k/XP. Any tips appreciated.

Re:One EXE for different Win versions (usb/setupapi)?

I forgot to mention I'm using CPPBuilder 5 w/ upgrade pack 1. I see
there was a post a long time ago about updated headers for BCB6 ( ) but I can't follow
that link.