FileMaker Pro ActiveX with BCB 5

2007-10-21 10:41:33 PM
I'll admit to being a neophyte ActiveX user, but long time BCB5 user. I'm
stumped at how to utilize the ActiveX functionality of FileMaker Pro v9
within BCB5. I'm out of ideas to try, I can get it to open the aplpication,
and even the document (finally), but can not get it to fire a specific
script within the document. I suspect that its a syntax issue, but I need
This is a simple office automation project, and I was able to do it within
VB in 5 minutes; yet I've failed to accomplish the same thing in my beloved
BCB5 even after hours of trying and experimenting.
Can someone please look at this, and point me in the right direction? I'm
fairly sure the problem is that my "Doc" object is not hooked-up to my
"Docs" object; but can not find a way to do that.
Thanks for any and all pointers,
BSTR *arg1, *arg2, *arg3, *arg4;
TVariant w_fname = "C:\\Projects5\\fmp9_test\\Kanban.Fp7";
TVariant arg="admin";
TVariant scr_name= "Automation_Script";
arg1= new BSTR;
arg2= new BSTR;
arg3= new BSTR;
arg4= new BSTR;
*arg1=(BSTR) w_fname;
FMP_Docs->Open (arg1, arg2, arg3);