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RichEdit and Vertical Scrollbar

2007-02-07 12:07:41 AM
Hi everyone,
I've a little question that make me crazy...
I've an application with a RichEdit filled with some lines, so that
vertical scrollbar is shown.
In this case an *only sometimes* (but pretty quite often), moving main
form around the screen, vertical scrollbar freezes and any attempt to
drag it fails. Instead of scrolling, text is selected with mouse moving.
By moving cursor on scrollbar i see that it doesn't catch the focus.
It was the same if I click on Richedit before.
More funny, suntimes scrollbar catch the focus only if dragged on its
right or bottom border...
I've checked all richedit params an events with no luck.
PS: If main form (that holds the richedit) loose focus and take it
again, scrollbar work correctly.
Please help!

Re:RichEdit and Vertical Scrollbar

DavideP ha scritto:
Hi everyone,
Any Hint?