Type name expected in xerces wrapper -- lots of fun

2004-01-02 06:04:40 AM
I am just trying to work through the basics of the xerces wrapper example at
in BCB5 and BCB6. I have separate projects for each and each project has
its own copy of the xercesLib.lib and dll (which was built by BCB6). I try
to point each project's include directories to the header folders in the
xerces project.
As shown in the link above, their wrapper's header is supposed to look like
#include <xercesc/sax/HandlerBase.hpp>
class MySAXHandler : public HandlerBase {
void startElement(const XMLCh* const, AttributeList&);
void fatalError(const SAXParseException&);
The code is exactly as they show it on the link.
Both BCB5 and BCB6 tell me "Type name expected" for HandlerBase. The class
declaration for HandlerBase.hpp looks roughly like this:
class SAX_EXPORT HandlerBase :
public EntityResolver, public DTDHandler, public DocumentHandler
, public ErrorHandler
... all the functions here ...
I haven't had a problem with "Type name expected" before, and so far the doc
and news archives have been opaque.
What's wrong?
Thanks. I'm looking forward to geting passed these preliminaries and really
doing some work.