directory change rebuilt/excution PB???!!!?!!?

2003-08-29 02:08:47 AM
I have a same set of sources files (.h, .cpp, .bpr, .bpg) exactely the same.
I rebuild them in two different directories and they give two different results.
In the project\options all the directories are absolute (starting $BCB\... or c:\...).
My guess is that C++builder 6, is keeping a tract of last opened projects with a memory of dynamic libraries used.
In my case the libraries set might be different in some extend.
PS: I had at the beginning try to migrate my project on a new computer. At first it gives me the same result R1 than the old computer and all a sudden start to give me a different result R2.
I migrate back to the old computer which start to give me result R2 also. All these compilations was on a same directory for both machine "c:\vecsim".
Then I move for an unexplanable reason to another path "c:\...\vecsim" on the new computer and I have again result R1.
Please tell me that I'm not crazy...