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Sequencing of Component Execution

2003-11-22 04:09:32 AM
Borland 5.0
As the result of an OnClick event, I execute the following:
(leading code)
(following code)
I want to have control switch to I/O for the edit box (rather than flowing
immediately on to "following code") so that information entered into the
edit box can be used by the following code.
Amongst other considerations is: "how to give up control from the edit box
once I am happy with its contents".
Dialog Windows like "InputBox" manage to do this.
Richard Krug

Re:Sequencing of Component Execution

"Richard" < XXXX@XXXXX.COM >wrote in message
As the result of an OnClick event, I execute the following:
This is not an IDE issue. This group is for discussions related to using
the IDE itself. Your question is in regards to use of a VCL component, and
as such should be directed to the .vcl.components.using group instead. When
you post there, I suggest you post a more detailed example of what exactly
"leading code" and "following code" are actually doing. Your current
description is too vague as to what exactly you are trying to accomplish.
The more information that is provided, the easier the issue is to