Dll Form and TColorDialog

2004-07-23 04:42:52 PM
Hi all,
I am Trion. I am currently developing a dll that contains
several forms. My question is that when one of my form was called using ShowModal, this form may contain a button that will call TColorDialog when being clicked.Then TColorDialog pops up. Then after pressing ok or cancel button in the TColorDialog, the focus will return to the form that pops up the TColorDialog. However, if there are several other applications running, the original application that called my form could be covered with another application while my form which is a modal form still stays on the top. This is very strange.So what's the cause of this? What can I do to slove this problemíH I hope I can shift the focus back to my form with the original app on the buttom, then my dll form without the original app being shifted to another. Anybody can help? Thanks. Any idea is appreciated.
ps: the original app that calls my dll form may not be vcl app.