Tip: BCB5, Win XP and debugging dlls

2005-05-03 02:05:05 PM
I think everybody who is still using BCB5 under XP knows this problem:
If you want to debug a dll of your project then you have to go to the
modules tab and make a "reload symbol table" in order to debug your dll.
And you have to do so every time you start your application again.
But if you're loading a file (doesn't matter if it is a text file or
something else) from the directory where your binaries are in the IDE,
then your breakpoints are here again without reloading the symbol
tables! This file has to be loaded as the last file before debugging.
Maybe BCB sets his internal path to that directory and finds now the
symbols automaticially.
Hope this is a new tip and it may save some of your nerves.
Bye, Oliver