How can I get an object property list?

2005-08-26 06:36:05 AM
I am trying to rewrite an old application that has been modified by several
different people over several years. There is a lot of good code but the
objects are a mess. The first thing I want to do is to restructure the
objects and eliminate duplicate properties.
It would take some time to explain all of the problems here, but what I am
looking for is a "tool" or something that can give me a list of objects and
properties. I will then import them into this data dictionary tool and try
to normalize the data. The data dictionary tool is designed for tables and
fields, not object and properties but if I can get the data into it, it
will do what I need.
Basically I need something that can create a text file with:
PropertyAlpha int
PropertyBeta unsigned char
or something like that. The format is not that critical because I can
easily reformat a text file to the CSV format I need to import into the
I realize the source is a text file, but there is a wild variety of
formatting and comments and include files that make it difficult to parse.
The compiler does it all the time so I am sure there have got to be some
tools to do this? Before I spend a lot of time trying to write something,
I thought I'd ask?
Since this is a 1 time deal I am looking for something free or cheap. I
can probably do it manually in a couple of days, but I would like to try to
find an easier way.