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BCB to BDS2006 - Is it worth it

2006-05-10 05:08:18 AM
Seriously considering BDS2006 as an upgrade from BCB5 with which I have been
generally very happy. However I do remember nightmarish problems upgrading
to BCB5 from BCB3 (quite a few years ago !), owing to all sorts of changed
syntax acceptabiliyt. Will I run into similar problems with BDS2006 from BCB

Re:BCB to BDS2006 - Is it worth it

I would say y es. We have recently upgraded a very large project from
BCB5 to BDS without many problems. Our largest problems were component
based as some of the components that we use were not available to BDS,
the language syntax was no issue at all.
I highly recommend it, especially considering you can purchase it for
an upgrade price.