constrea.h problem?

2004-06-19 11:05:07 AM
I'm working with some legacy C++ code that was previously compiled as
a console application using Borland C++ 5.02 back in the mid 90s.
Unfortunately, at the present time I only have access to a more recent
Borland product, Borland C++ Builder 5. The code recompiles without
error, but the linker generates two errors, complaining that clreol
and setxy are "unresolved externals". It isn't immediately clear to me
why this should be the case inasmuch as both still appear in
constrea.h (as before). The following lines show usage in the program:
constream win;
win.window(1, 3, 80, 24);
win << setxy(1, 2) << "Current stimulus: " << clreol;
Has there been any change regarding clreol and setxy between then and
now? Any information or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
Michael Cook