TLibImp wrapper problem

2005-07-18 04:23:05 PM
Hi ,
I have Borland C++ Builder Progfessional 6.0, update 4.
I am facing a problem with type library importer tool.
The wrappers getting created on two different machines are different
and this is leading to the problems in builds and running.
When I build it on one machine I see the properties under section,
// Standard/Extended properties
However when I run the tlibimp on another machine the section lists no
Can somebody provide a hint what must be the problem. I ensured that the
Borland version and the TLIBIMP version are exactly the same on both
There were a OS service pack difference and I installed required service
pack also.
What are other files/dependencies I should check for?
The file version for my TLIBIMP utility
Language: English (United States), Code Page: Multilingual
CompanyName: Borland Software Corporation
FileDescription: Borland Type Library Exporter
InternalName: TLIBIMP
LegalCopyright: Copyright ? 1998-2002 Borland Software Corporatio
OriginalFilename: TLIBIMP.EXE
ProductName: Borland TypeLibrary Utility