CppWebBrowser component

2003-11-13 10:55:10 PM
I have deisgned a CD-ROM catalogue. It has been programmed with C++ Pro
6.0, using the CppWebBrowser component to display product information web
pages stored locally.
The project has been completed and I have built an install package using
InstallShield 5.0.
My project works perfectly - or so I thought.
On each computer that the catalogue has been installed, I have experienced
problems with Internet Explorer, both Win98 and XP machines. Some websites
are not being displayed correctly - i.e. missing links.
Now this has only occurred on the machines which have the catalogue
installed, and has only been noticed since the catalogue has been installed.
What could possibly be the problem? Am i posting this to the wrong
Is there any reason why the CppWebBrowser component may interfere with
Internet Explorer?
I am completely lost!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.