Digital Imaging, Roller Coaster Photo Technology Business for sale

2006-06-02 07:05:44 PM
Would you like to be working with amu{*word*224}t parks and carnivals then this is
the perfect business for you. Owner retiring, excellent opportunity for
someone to break into an extremely profitable business given the proper
resources and management. Our amu{*word*224}t imaging technology developed over 15
years would open doors to many difficult business opportunities that would
otherwise take several years and large investments to break into. lease
agreements (revenue sharing), system sales, vending photo operations and
service are just a few of the ways to turn our technology into profit
centers. Please visit for an overview of the company
and products.
You would be purchasing all intellectual property rights, software source
code, electronic schematics, board layouts, system wiring diagrams, customer
list and suppliers list. Plus free access to the present owners knowledge
for 12 months after the sale. Present owner will also be available on an as
needed basis for software development and electronic design assistance at a
discount rate. We would also set up and supply 2 computers with all
development tools and software source code making it easy for another
software developer to take over development tasks if so desired.
This is a fun business with unique challenges in a growing industry, we want
the new owner to be successful and will help in any way we can to make that
happen. $65,000.00 and it's all yours.
Bob Reeves
Somethin'Xtra Inc.