Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection

2006-05-23 12:42:17 AM
I have just recently encountered this problem. We have a server running
Windows 2K server with SQL server 2K. There are three of us that connect to
that machine for development. Authentication is set to Windows only. We
use Borland products for our development, which means we also use the BDE to
connect to database. Up until now I've not had a problem connecting to any
DB using the BDE. Now when I try to connect to a DB a get an error that
"Unknown user name or password. Login failed for user '(null)'. Reason: Not
associated with a trusted SQL Server connection. Login incorrect. Alias:
The other two guys have no problems; they can still get in and see the DB.
Anyone have any ideas at what I could do to fix this or what I should look