IAnywhere Error - 'Variant Array is Locked'

2004-10-28 05:49:36 AM
Hello all,
I'm converting my BDE app to IAnywhere ASA. The problem I'm having is that
when I set up 2 SQLClientDataSets, one pointing a Client list and the other
to an Insurance Policy list which the MasterSource and Masterfields point
back to the Client database. If I set up a TGrid componnent on the Client
list and scroll through it I get 'Variant Array is Locked' error messages.
If I unhook the Policy database from the Client database it works fine.
I created a small test program outside of my main app to make sure it's not
something else I've done and I get the same results.
I'm using C++Builder 6.0, DBExpress SQLClientDataSets, and IAnywhere 9.01 on
my server.
Any ideas?