Will Borland C++ be For Me, and Can I Afford It!?

2003-09-16 05:50:29 AM
Started with the Borland web site, and it didn't answer my questions,
so I hope someone here will be kind enough to reply. I took a few
courses on C++ using Microsoft Visual C++, and then taught myself MFC
for GUI design -- an excercise akin to using only a carrot peeler to
prepare a four-course dinner. There must be an easier way, something
like the way Visual Basic offers a fairly reasonable way to create a
I am basically a hobbyist, and want to use C++ to play around with
some artificial intelligence stuff, expert systems, fuzzy logic,
things like that. I want it to be EASY to make a straightforward GUI
with menus, text displays, dialog boxes, and some relatively simple
graphics to go along with my code. I don't need to do any Enterprise
stuff, no connecting to databases or the Web, just need to be able to
create, save, and load files to/from disk.
I have Windows 2000, and so need a compiler/IDE that runs on that.
Price is also a big issue -- I was surprised Borland did not have a
free Personal C++ Builder, like the free Personal JBuilder. But my
questions are:
1. Does Borland have a C++ compiler/IDE that makes it real easy to
build my GUI, and...
2. Is there a cheap, student version, something I can buy at the
local university (I am a part-time student).
Thanks in advance for all replies.