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New market for Kremlinologist

2004-06-04 01:35:42 AM
During the cold war a host of kremlinologists tried to figure out the
intentions of the Soviet Government/Communist Party from all kinds of
incohate and irrelevant matter/details. They invariably got hold of the
wrong end of the stick - not just because the "facts" they based their
conclusions on were unrelated to the thinking of the Soviet leaders. The
Soviet leaders had no clear plans or directions for their policy but were
struggeling - often betwen themselves - not to be left completely behind by
developments in the surrounding world. Let's hope that's not the case with
Borland, and that at least some of the Borlandologists are better at
guessing than their former cousins. Let's also remember that Kremlin
sometimes let out some carefully prepared, nonsensical "news" to confuse the
kremlinologists and keep the world intrigued at the ingenuity of the
Kremlin. In hope of a v 9 hans

Re:New market for Kremlinologist

The parallel rings so true it's scary... I wonder
what we'll discover when the Borland Wall falls.
Will MS play the role of West Germany? Maybe it
already plays that role.