Access Violation when executing MainForm->Refresh()

Hello all,

I have a form (MainForm) which contains a TDBChart and a DBGrid.

The TDBChart contains five fast line series.
Each of the fast line series datasource is a TTable.
I'm appending records directly to the table.
Each TTable is connected to a TDataSource

The DBGrid DataSource is assigned at runtime.

My problem is:
I'm getting an Access Violation when I try to execute MainForm->Refresh()
when the TDBChart is empty; i.e. not of the five fast line series contains
any data.
If any of the other line series contains data, other than the one I'm
updating, the Main->Refresh() works fine.

The application worked fine under BCB3.  I've only seen this problem when I
recompiled the application under BCB5.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated...